Since 1980 we’ve been constructing dramatic decks in Grand Rapids, MI, Kalamazoo, MI, Battle Creek, MI and St. Joseph, MI. All of our construction is specified for the required engineered live and dead loads, and meeting the local and state building codes to insure your family’s safety! The long-term durability starts with a good design, and quality materials. Traditional wood decking is increasingly being replaced by composite decking as the material of choice for outdoor spaces. At BlackBerry, we design to deliver incredible durability, easy maintenance and lasting beauty, composite decking. Keep the beauty of your deck without the hassle!

TimberTech Decking

Azek Decking
TIGERWOOD DECKING Ultra Low-Maintenance Decking

TimberTech decks are designed with top of the line quality and beauty. With an enhanced real-wood look and vast array of color choices, there’s a perfect match for every style. They are engineered to inspire and last beautifully.

TimberTech is the brand for tough, durable outdoor decks. Their capped decking is the best in the business, featuring a composite core capped with a specialized polymer shell protectant on all four sides, many manufacturers’  only apply three-sided protection.

TimberTech decking has the products at prices that will lower your entire outdoor deck project cost. We are decking experts, if you have a question about decking products that you are purchasing from us contact us and we’ll get you the right answer the first time.

BlackBerry offers a variety of financing options, tailored to meet your needs and get your home improvement project going!

What is composite decking?

Composite decking is a man-made decking material, composed of recycled wood fibers, recycled plastics, and a bonding agent to hold it all together. Together, these ingredients form a wood-like, low-maintenance and aesthetic decking material that is heavier, stronger and longer lasting than treated lumber outdoor decking. You will find that the initial cost of composite decking is offset by its lifespan, low-maintenance, and resistance to rotting. Spend more time enjoying your deck, not maintaining it!

Our customers have been experiencing years of low maintenance, durable, long-lasting outdoor living with these great products. Our deck and railing systems include:

  • Over 15 colors to choose from
  • Spindle options include vinyl, aluminum, glass, wire, and steel designs
  • Composite materials provide scratch and stain resistance surfaces
  • Designs can include multi-levels, custom floor patterns, seating, and plant boxes
  • Specialty accessories include lighting, pergolas and sunrooms.

All BlackBerry decking and railing systems include a Limited Lifetime Workmanship Warranty to assure you of our commitment for long lasting durability! Our skilled installers will leave the job clean and fully complete. You can be assured their years of experience will not only provide craftsman built construction, but a job you will be proud of!

BlackBerry is the number one choice for Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids decking installation.

Decking For Clubhouses
Premium capped polymer decking, made without wood!

If you’ve chosen low maintenance, weather and scratch-resistant composite for your decking project, you won’t be disappointed in BlackBerry’s composite decking.

Our premium capped polymer decking, made without wood, that provides unparalleled performance while boasting unrivaled design — all backed by a Limited Lifetime Product Warranty and a 50-Year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty.

Great decking designs are more than just the color(s) and finish of the boards. Standard-width decking is not the standard anymore. We’ve added wide- and narrow-width boards to our collection of standard-width boards to add a touch of the unexpected — and an element of style.

With the strength of composite and the beautiful appearance and feel of traditional wood, our capped composite decking has a quality look and long lasting value!

TimberTech has a wide range of color choices to suit your style. View the colors below.

Build your dream deck with Blackberry Systems, t high-performance composite decking!

TimberTech Decking Color Collections


English Walnut™

Weathered Teak™


Dark Hickory


Brazilian Walnut


Island Oak™

Autumn Chestnut®

Slate Gray






Whitewash Cedar™




Storm Gray

Antique Leather™

Dark Roast™

Silver Maple

Brown Oak

Sandy Birch

Stone Ash®

Rustic Elm®

Maritime Gray

Dark Teak

Tidal Sand

Beachwood Gray

Sea Salt Gray

Coconut Husk™

Maritime Gray

Dark Teak

Premium capped polymer decking, made without wood, that provides unparalleled performance while boasting unrivaled design
Home Decks- Low maintenance, durable, long-lasting outdoor living with these great products
wide- and narrow-width boards - Get the unrivaled beauty and durability of capped composite and capped polymer decking.