Casement/Awning Wood-Clad Replacement


Clean, contemporary look and feel with exterior clad in aluminum for a variety of color options.

Brighton Casement and Awning windows in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek and West Michigan offer endless design possibilities. Vents open wide to allow fresh air in and provide natural ventilation for your health and well-being.

Specially Designed Hardware — Brighton’s Casement/Awning Push Out and Crank Out hardware are specially designed for added strength and durability. This custom hardware also reduces air infiltration for greater energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Glass — The Brighton Casement/Awning Window is manufactured with a 3/4″ Insulating glass unit, which is a combination of two panes of glass with an energy spacer system between them. The sealed air space between the glass panes reduces heat transfer resulting in lower fuel bills.

Durable Screens — Brighton heavy-duty extruded aluminum framed screens offer exceptional visibility, superior insect protection and excellent airflow. An optional retractable screen is also available that slides easily to allow additional fresh air into your home.

National Rating — Brighton Casement/Awning windows have been tested to an AAMA/NWWDA industry window standard and have achieved a Light Commercial Grade rating of LC60.

Why Is It Important to You?

The Quaker Difference is your guarantee that your Casement and Awning Wood Clad Windows have been tested to the most stringent industry standard. A Light Commercial (LC) rating is typically only afforded to products designed for low to mid-rise commercial buildings. This Commercial rating is your assurance that your Brighton windows are strong, durable and will continue to perform for years to come.

Wood Clad Casement/Awning Windows | Clean, contemporary look and feel with exterior clad in aluminum for a variety of color options.
Trim Options - Brighton Quaker Double Hung Wood-Clad Windows
Brighton Windows - Energy Star Rating


As an Energy Star Partner, we offer all of the benefits that come with Energy Star qualified windows and doors — greater energy efficiency, lower fuel bills, improved home comfort, reduced condensation potential, decreased carbon footprints and protection against damaging UV rays that affect interior fading of floors, carpets and furniture.