Cast Aluminum Window Restoration, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Kalamazoo’s City Hall was designed in the Art Deco style by Weary & Alford of Chicago, with construction by Miller-Davis. Construction wrapped up in the early 1930’s and the building was dedicated by Mayor S. Rudolph Light on September 1, 1931. Construction and equipping the four-story building totaled $524,000, which was quite a significant amount at that time.

The Art Deco style is carried into the interior with a floral motif in such details as light fixtures, railings and flagpoles. Interior floors and walls are travertine, an Italian marble. A rich history and attention to detail lies within the exterior and interior of this building.

BlackBerry was contracted to restore the original cast aluminum casement windows, as well as provide an interior window system to improve the building’s overall energy efficiency. The majority of the (122) windows were restored to their original condition, about a quarter of the openings were replaced with a replicated window product. All the aluminum casement and fixed windows were deglazed and carefully cleaned to maintain the patina. All hardware was cleaned and repaired. The restored sashes were re-glazed with new ¼” laminated glass that greatly reduced sound transmission and increased security.

The original exterior caulking was removed and abated then new high-performance structural silicone was applied. Funding for the project was a Federal Energy Grant that required an overall window assembly U-Value of .30. BlackBerry utilized a Traco NX-7400 Series prime aluminum window with insulated glass to achieve the required rating. The windows were installed on the interior side of the cast aluminum casements to achieve the desired energy efficiency.

Building still serves as the central offices for the city of Kalamazoo.