Historical Elements

The Detroit Foundation Hotel was formerly the Detroit Fire Department headquarters and was among the first Detroit firehouses designed without facilities for horses. Construction was completed on the five-story building in 1929. Hans Gehrke served as the architect designing the neoclassical building with terra-cotta details. He won commissions to design many of the firehouses built by the City of Detroit in the 1920s. The Building housed the firefighters and fire equipment until 2011 and remained the administrative headquarters of the Detroit Fire Department for another few years. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Sites in 2009.

BBS Work/Role

  • Replicated (48) Wood Double Hung Windows, (182) Steel Double Hung Windows, and (7) Steel Fixed Windows with a Quaker H500 AW-50 historic thermally broken Single Hung Aluminum Window. AAMA 2604 painted finish with Cardinal 272 insulated glass.
  • Restored (3) Steel Windows, (7) pairs of Swing Bay Doors, (7) Half Round Radius Steel Transoms, and (1) pair of Steel Doors/Transoms and outer Ornamental Decorative Grill.
  • The Steel Windows, Transoms and Decorative Grill were restored in-field. The Bay Doors were shop restored.
  • Restoration of the Bay Doors was a huge undertaking and a very tedious project that turned out beautifully.
  • Federal Historic Tax Credit project, requiring both local Historic District and National Park Service approval.

Current Use

Estimated to be a $300 million renovation, this historically significant building was converted into an upscale 100-room boutique hotel. The building opened as the Detroit Foundation Hotel in May 2017. The building was sold to a group of investors and is managed by the Aparium Hotel Group. The first floor’s previous large equipment room is now home to the Apparatus Room restaurant, which boasts beautiful glazed brick walls that have been brought back to life.